Plans and Goals

Plans and Goals

It’s that time of year when every other email that hits my inbox seems to talk about making plans for 2024. Apparently you just need to make a big juicy goal that excites you then work towards it.
I’m calling it out. Bullshi*.
For years I thought there was something wrong with me. I made the big juicy goals that excited and scared me in equal measure. Yet I had no motivation to work towards them.
Why was everyone else achieving their goals with ease except me?
In my quest to find out what was wrong with me I stumbled on the fact that there was absolutely nothing wrong with me.
You see, the brain has one role. To keep us safe.
My brain was keeping me safe from scary goals that i may not achieve.
My brain was keeping me safe from being noticed.
My brain was keeping me safe from success.

Most of these linked back to events that happened years ago.
Bullying at school.
Bullying by a boss.

My brain knew it had to keep me safe because being noticed led to being bullied.

That’s when everything changed.

I learnt to soothe my nervous system and retrain my brain.

If you procrastinate or self sabotage, until you do that, it’s a waste of time writing those juicy goals. They will just lead to more stress.

If you want to learn to soothe your nervous system and retrain your brain so that you can set and achieve those goals, get in touch.

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