Empty Nest Syndrome

I’ve always been a practical person, just got on with things. So whilst I had heard of Empty Nest Syndrome I didn’t think it would affect me. Then it did. It hit me hard.
It may have been the combination of Empty Nest Syndrome and the Menopause hitting at the same time. Either way, it was tough.
I longed for the overflowing washing basket.
The loud music, the electric guitar practice.
Instead the house was silent. I wasn’t needed as a taxi service, the biscuit tin was overflowing and I didn’t need to cook as much food.
I was lost. If i wasn’t a Mum, who was I?

At dinner I noticed this man sitting opposite me. I remember him – we married years ago. We hadn’t spoken to each much over dinner for years, we were always talking to the kids, finding out about their day at school.
Now here we were.
It was a bit like an awkward date.

Friends and family were saying ‘oh lucky you, all that time to yourself’ or when they saw the tears and sadness would say ‘pull yourself together they will be home soon’.

I now recognise I needed support, but there wasn’t any support back then. I found my own way forward.
I didn’t just survive Empty Nest Syndrome – I thrived.

If you are one of 47% of parents struggling with Empty Nest Syndrome, I have both a 90 day coaching package – details here and an Empty Nest to Inner Strength Community details here

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